Branding Focus are based on the lot, at Pinewood Studios and supply a range of branded products and merchandise to the film and television production industry. If you're here on site and want to run through any range of options, then simply get in touch. We can pop over to you with a range of samples and ideas to help get your project started.

Environmentally Friendlier Production

The film and television industry has a huge impact on the environment, but there are many ways that you can reduce your productions impact. One of the easiest ways to do this is with your cast and crew catering, large amounts of plastic waste is produced through bottled water which can be easily replaced with reusable bottles filled from mains water which reduces the amount of plastic waste as well as reducing the CO2 impact from not needing to transport large volumes of bottled water. Single use coffee cups which aren't recyclable can either be replaced with a recyclable, compostable, or reusable options. The usage of food packing options such as polystyrene trays and plastic packaging can also be reduced or eliminated by either using ceramic or acrylic plates which can be re-used or by using recyclable options.

Clothing, PPE and set security.

If you want to kit out your crew in great clothing then we can help. We are able to provide a full range of clothing from T-shirts through to branded PPE. Having your crew in branded clothing has the advantage of you being able to see who's on set at any time and the security benefit that if anyone isn't the right clothing they can be easily seen and challenged. We're also able to provide a range of lanyards, ID badges and wristbands Also if you're travelling to a location with adverse weather we can help you get your team in the right gear, no shivering in the snow fields or burning on the beaches.

Wrap Gifts

Are you looking to reward the crew during or at the end of another successful production? We're able to provide a full selection of suitable gifts, ranging from low cost and functional, to premium reminders of their time on set. We'll help you find the items that work for your budget, and that will be appreciated by the whole team

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